*VBA2C stand for Vaginal Birth After 2 Cesareans

Dear Ian,


Your birth was a journey.  It began 9 months before you ever took a breath outside my womb.  While I waited for the big day of your arrival I prayed with many friends for *our* safe passage as you came into this world.  I was scared of what could happen while at the same time preparing and planning for the best (and the worst).  On your “due date” the contractions began.  I knew these were different and it was time, but little did I know you wouldn’t be making an appearance for 4 more days!  The labor pains started and stopped, getting increasingly more intense, keeping me from sleeping well.  I was one tired mama my sweet boy.  Your siblings hung out with your Grandma as Daddy and I tried to keep ourselves preoccupied.  You see, I wouldn’t let your daddy leave my side as I knew you could come at any moment.  We went for many long walks.  Daddy took me out to lunch :).  He also prepared lots of food so he wouldn’t have to cook dinner for a few days.  I napped a lot.  I got in and I got out of the birthing pool many times so the warm water could help my body relax.  Wednesday morning came and after a 2 particularly strong contractions I prayed to the Lord and finally surrendered to the fact that I just really had no idea when you would show up.  I was fully ready now though.  I would do anything to help get you here.  Then the next contraction hit and it was a monster.  I called to everyone that I was going upstairs to the birth pool, I needed some comfort.  I made it up the stairs and another massive contraction hit and I hit the floor on my hands and knees – there was no standing through that one.  I stood up shaking – I knew that meant you were coming and SOON!  Daddy ran upstairs and helped me into the pool.  I told him you were coming – I’m not sure he believed me :).  The next contraction made me panic just a little until Daddy reminded me to stay calm, freaking out would not help lol.  In that moment I remembered he was probably just as concerned as I was because our midwife was NOT there yet and that gave me courage to be calm.  I moaned so loud through the next contraction HA!  I sounded so funny.  I was trying with all my might not to push as I could feel you descending.  I told Daddy to get behind me and to get ready to catch you, I was on my hands and knees and that was not going to change.  I was so proud of your papa, he got right in position.  I pushed through one contraction and your head was out.  Amazingly, when the contraction ended I was in no pain whatsoever and felt a little disconcerted that you were half way out but I was in no pain!  I felt the next contraction coming and told Daddy to get ready.  One more breath and there you were!  You were beautiful.  We were safe.  It was a beautiful moment of laughing and crying and breathing freely for the first time in 9 months.



You were here.  We were safe.  God was so good to us.  5 min. later our dear friend Amanda arrived and began laughing and crying with us (and snapping some precious photos).


About 5 minutes after, the the midwife arrived and was just as surprised as Amanda was that you got here first!  All was well.  We made our way out of the birth pool and were thoroughly checked out by Marilee.


Then we slept.


We’d done some hard work you and I.
You’ve been such a blessing to us from the very beginning.


I am so thankful to be your mama.  As I write this I carry your little brother in my womb.  I hadn’t expected to be going through this again so soon, but I am thankful for the privilege.  Your birth taught me so much.  Courage.  Patience.  Trust.  Empathy.  That I am not helpless.  And again God reminded me that he is always with me.  I pray I will make the journey safely once again.  I love you dear boy.




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