5lbs of white potatoes chopped
2lbs of dried white beans (navy / great northern), soaked & cooked
4 cups chopped onions
4 cups chopped carrots
2-3 cups chopped celery
2-3 cups chopped mushrooms
4lbs “soup bones” or other meat on the bone
3 Tbsp Salt & Garlic Powder
Optional seasonings: thyme, rosemary, a bay leaf or 3

Overnight, simmer your soup bones (or other meat on the bone) in a pot or crock pot.  In the morning, strain the broth into a large pot (I use a big ol’ 20 quart pot), and remove the bones and break up the meat.  To your pot add all of the above ingredients and simmer for 2-3 hours.

This delicious lunch will feed us for 2 days, probably 3 if I go ahead and add other leftovers to it ;-).  It’s an easy way to work in potatoes & legumes into the diet during pregnancy (and any other time for that matter).

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  1. I’m so glad I saw this! I have had soup bones in my freezer for…erm….???? wondering what on earth to do with them. I mean, duh, make soup, but I wasn’t sure how to handle them in order to do that!

    Thank you! (And I’m praying for you today as you wait on your little one!)

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