Sorry about the lack of updates the last 6 weeks.  We went through 4 weeks of serious illness (where everyone got sick, this hasn’t happened in quite a while so it caught me by surprise!) and I’ve spent the last 2 weeks wrapping all those little things that need doing before a mama can have a baby at home :).  But now I’ve officially watched my due date come and go – something I’ve only done 2 other times out of a total of 10 pregnancies.  Our oldest was born 5 days past his estimated due date (EDD) and our 9th child was born 4 days past his EDD, but everyone else has come within 5 days before their due date along with 1 being ON his due date :).  I’m feeling antsy, but surprisingly doing ok.  I was blessed to attend a women’s conference at our church, that I hadn’t planned on going to because it was on my due date, and the message was exactly what I needed to hear.  The speaker was Margaret Ashmore and the message was trusting and resting in God’s sovereign plans and walking in humility.  So here I am… trying to walk through this being “over due” patiently because it’s all in God’s plan, even if it’s not in mine.

A little update as to my pregnancy itself…

  • I haven’t been exercising regularly since everyone got sick – just some sporadic stretching and walks here and there.  I had been exercising consistently before illness struck, so I’m hoping that ends up counting for something 🙂
  • My varicose veins haven’t gotten any worse, although the circulation in my left leg is still not good.  After researching and talking to my care health care providers, I’m fairly confident the circulation issues primarily has to do with 2 factors.  1) The fact that I’ve been standing with my hips jutted out to one side for years (thanks to the way I hold my children), so I’ve been working on switching sides and using more arm strength rather than propping them, and 2) the pregnancy itself which comes with increased blood volume and increased internal pressures for a growing uterus.
  • I’ve gained 11/12 lbs at this point – 2 of those over the last two weeks.  I have allowed my self a little more wiggle room these last two weeks as I don’t want to deprive the baby of much needed calories to put on weight 🙂 – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it lol.
  • My will power to eat really well has been dwindling slowly over the last week, but I’m continuing my pregnancy tea (1/4 cup red raspberry leaf and a 1/4 cup nettle leaf tea steeped overnight with peppermint and lemon balm leaves), my prenatal vitamins, calcium & magnesium (one of these and one of these daily), methylfolate, methyl b12, and fish oil, along with a few other herbals.
  • Per my midwife’s instructions, I’m drinking lots and lots of water (at least 3 quarts of just water daily) which ended up being very important as you will see….

I didn’t get to finish it because…… on April 6th at 11:38pm we welcomed our sweet 10th child Oliver William (“baby Ollie”) into the world!

He is my personal biggest baby at 7lbs 8oz and measured 21 inches long.  He’s a few days old now at the writing of this – he seems to be adjusting to life on the outside amazingly well.  His labor story will have to come later as I’m still tired and sore, but I didn’t want to put off sharing him with you any longer :).

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