In the year 2001, the “Scott Fam” was born out of the union of Nate and Christina and the addition of a little bundle of joy, James. Years later, the Scott Fam, now 8 children strong, has a few adventures behind them and many, many that lie ahead. True, not all moments are adventurous (they can be downright monotonous!), but each moment contributes to the Great Adventure.

We hope you will enjoy the experience as we write of our journey – left turns, right turns, and wrong turns. Here you’ll find posts on just about everything… life, health, money, recipes, (dis)organization, homeschooling, our Christian walk, crocheting, and the list goes on. Although we want to provide true, and helpful information, don’t expect a “how to” manual on every post. Many times we’ll be writing just to help clarify our thoughts and feelings as we sort out this beautiful, messy life.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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